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How are seamless steel tubes made?

Seamless pipe, consisting of pipe made of one piece, without joints or welds, so that the pipe intended for use requires special qualities and specifications, such as for use in the petroleum, chemical and petrochemical industries, as well as in industrial construction. The astm a193 b8 bolts serves the oil industry from the exploration and production phases to the refining and laying of oil and gas pipelines, either for agriculture or shipping. There are various steel pipe and SS threaded rod manufacturers in India.

Seamless production of stainless steel pipes

The technology for industrial production of astm a193 grade b6 seamless pipes is incredibly complex and time consuming. Each phase requires a significant consumption of energy and materials.

The main competitive advantage of astm a193 grade b7 tubes is the absence of welds, which is the most weak point of any welded tube. Therefore, increased reliability requirements are imposed on the connection procedure.

Description of the hot rolling method

Corrosion-resistant metal must be cleaned of impurities, and the fasteners manufacturers in India process itself must be carefully controlled at all stages: alloy steel metal billets are heated to a certain temperature in a furnace of 1250-1300°.

Red hot, it is transported to a press drill rolling mill, where a giant punch of a special composition penetrates the piece, with a spray of lubricant on the punch. (three. 1)

After that, the next pipe from high tensile fasteners manufacturers in India is rotated with rollers to a certain length, with the required wall thickness, outer and inner diameter.

The finished element is cooled and subjected to final calibration in a special container.

The last step is to prepare a piece of the desired length and mark the product as ready for sale.

Some types of seamless steel tubes such as astm a320 l7sare subjected to special additional hardening procedures. The product heats up and then cool down quickly. The repeated procedure by SS hex bolt manufacturers in India rebuilds the molecular network of the steel, giving it new properties.

Types of seamless tubes

Depending on the production technology used by SS 304 Fasteners manufacturers in India, the industry offers consumers two types of products: hot-rolled tubes and cold-rolled tubes.

  • Hot Rolled Tube

You can find it hot pressed or hot deformed. Hot roll technology does not allow the stainless steel bolts manufacturers in indiaof small diameter tubes. In addition, in this case it is not always possible to achieve a perfectly smooth pipe surface and ensure dimensional accuracy.

  • Cold rolled tubes

Otherwise drawn or cold formed. They differ from hot-rolled, first of all, in their smaller cross-section and thin walls. The tube surface with this production method followed by 316 stainless steel hex bolt manufacturers in indiais smoother. When a seamless carbon steel pipe supplier produces products with different types of cross-section (square, star, oval, hexagon, etc.), only the cold forming method is used.

  • Thick-walled and thin-walled pipes

Other important criterion is about wall thickness of product. This indicator largely determines the extent of the pipe material. Thick-walled and thin-walled steel pipes are divided into:

. Hot-rolled seamless pipes have a diameter of 28-426 mm, a wall thickness of 3-40 mm.

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