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What Are The Benefits of stainless steel?

Steel mainly contains iron and a few percentages of carbon. Other elements like nickel, chromium, molybdenum and other elements are also present in some steel. We add these elements to steel to increase its resistance towards corrosion. 

Well, steel is used in our day in and day out a life for centuries. It has immense benefits. So, it is used right from needle to washing machine, refrigerator, and oil tanker.

It is popular in the world because the manufacturing process of steel involves less cost. Even steel has good mechanical properties.

The production of Duplex 2205 Bolts is not harmful to the environment. We can recycle steel again and again. The energy required to produce steel is also relatively less.

There are almost 2000 grades of steel out of 1500 grades are of high grade one. More and more research is going on about steel, and researchers are trying to develop more steel grades. Each grade has its unique properties.

Characteristics of steel

  • Weldable
  • Heat resistant
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Good machinability
  • Durable

Advantages of steel


  • Steel is reliable. The reason for reliability is because they possess high elasticity. They are ductile, i.e., we can easily beat them into wires. If different steel grades are tested in the laboratory, then all the grades vary slightly in yield strength and ultimate strength compared to wood and other materials. The structural steel has a tensile strength of 50 ksi. That means it can withstand any possible integrity like fire, rust, termites. They can resist extreme weather conditions and natural calamity.



  • Money is a significant thing while purchasing any product. Steel is very low in cost. So, one can easily invest in steel.


  • Steel can be used again and again. It does not lose its inherent properties after recycling. Again while recycling involves very little processing.
  • Modern architects are trying to construct more buildings with steel. It gives an aesthetic look. The steel homes and garages can be modified any time we want.

Steel manufacturers in India

There are numerous stainless steel stud bolt manufacturers in our country. The stainless steel hex bolts are designed so that a wrench or socket can drive them. We will find various grades of stainless steel hex bolts; For example, we may find stain-less steel M6 hex bolts, which means they can fit into a 6mm diameter hole.

Most of the manufacturing company in India produces two types of stainless steel stud bolt. One is of grade 304 and another of grade 316. Both grades have good mechanical properties because they contain chromium, molybdenum, and nickel in higher amounts. The chromium present in them acts as a layer and prevents the steel from rusting. But, the carbon content varies a bit in between these two grades.

The grade 8.8 boltsare widely used in various applications like pharmaceutical equipment, offshore oil drilling companies, petrochemicals, heat exchangers, and numerous others.

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